Fluted drainage round with suction reservoir2017-07-06T13:24:22+01:00

WEB-SIL drain uted round with suction reservoir

The round and fluted WEB-SIL drain is made of 100% silicone and is available with or without trocar, in combination with a suction reservoir it is available as closed system.

The suction reservoir is equipped with a valve.

Art.-No.CharrierTrocarSuction ReservoirPackaging
DBL031009-210without trocar100 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031009-110without trocar400 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031011-315without trocar100 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031011-115without trocar400 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031010-219without trocar100 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031010-119without trocar400 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031016-410with trocar100 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031016-110with trocar400 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031015-315with trocar100 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031015-115with trocar400 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031014-319with trocar100 ml10 pieces/box
DBL031014-119with trocar400 ml10 pieces/box
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