Web-Sil Loops

Web-Sil Loops are available in 4 different colours and in 2 different sizes.

The colours are Red, Blue, White and Yellow. The 2 sizes are named MINI for the thin and MAXI for the thick ones.

The profile of the Web-Sil Loop is oval to prevent vessels from punctual pressure.

220023040 cm, MINIred10 pair/box
220043040 cm, MINIyellow10 pair/box
220063040 cm, MINIblue10 pair/box
220093040 cm, MINIwhite10 pair/box
220223040 cm, MAXIred10 pair/box
220243040 cm, MAXIyellow10 pair/box
220263040 cm, MAXIblue10 pair/box
220293040 cm, MAXIwhite10 pair/box
2203630XL40 cm, MAXI PLUSblue10 pair/box
2200230L50 cm, MINIred10 pair/box
2200430L50 cm, MINIyellow10 pair/box
2200630L50 cm, MINIblue10 pair/box
2200930L50 cm, MINIwhite10 pair/box
2202230L50 cm, MAXIred10 pair/box
2202430L50 cm, MAXIyellow10 pair/box
2202630L50 cm, MAXIblue10 pair/box
2202930L50 cm, MAXIwhite10 pair/box
2203630XL-6060 cm, MAXI PLUSblue10 pieces/box
2202230LL75 cm, MAXIred10 pair/box
2203630XXL90 cm, MAXI PLUSblue50 pieces/box
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