Round Drain

Web-Sil Round Drains consist of 100% silicone; are centrally open and have 5 eyes on the side, which are also formed atraumatic as well as the tip of the drain.

The length of the drainage is 50 cm and is also radio opaque.

2131610150 cm100% silicone1010 pieces/box
2131612150 cm100% silicone1210 pieces/box
2131615150 cm100% silicone1510 pieces/box
2131618150 cm100% silicone1810 pieces/box
2131621150 cm100% silicone2110 pieces/box
2131624150 cm100% silicone2410 pieces/box
2131627150 cm100% silicone2710 pieces/box
2131630150 cm100% silicone3010 pieces/box
2131636150 cm100% silicone3610 pieces/box
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