Warming blankets | Product features

Are used for the stabilization of the body temperature of surgical, postoperative and intesive-care patients. Reduces the risks after anesthesia: i.e.: arrhythmia, delayed awakening from anesthesia, overheating or undercooling, ague.


  • Seven different types available.
  • Easy inserting of the hose.
  • Micro-perforation avoids air turbulence.
  • Easy fixing on the patient by means of eudermic adhesive strips.
  • There are two possibilities of placing the hose to the upper body warming blanket. This serves the user to position the Blower optimally.
  • The upper- and patient side of the warming blanket could be easily kept apart because of the colors:
    WHITE – patient side
    BLUE – upper side
  • The material is a Non Woven which meets the requirements of EN 10993.
  • All blankets are also available with Velcro® hook and loop to fix the blanket to the hose, just add a “V” to the REF numbers