C-arm kits

E6008 C-arm kit XV (15)

Philips BV29, 3 parts, covering image intensifier, X-ray tank and “C”  with springbow application

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Philips BV29

C-arm kit with:

  • 1 x dome bag E5312

  • 1 x dome bag E5308

  • 1 x clip C-arm drape E5924

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C-arm kit XVE6008C-arm kit with two dome bags and one C-arm tube film cover
ProductArt. no.Description
E5312E5312Dome bag, 68 cm / 27″
E5308E5308Dome bag, 56 cm / 22″
E5924E5924C-arm drape, mini, 137×216 cm / 54″x85″