Ear Popper

The EarPopper treats the problem at the source – the Eustachian Tube.

The EarPopper balances pressure in the middle ear by delivering a safe, constant stream of air into the nasal cavity.

During the moment of swallowing, the air opens the Eustachian Tube, clearing the middle ear, relieving negative ear pressure and allowing any fluids to drain.

Especially for kids

  • The alternative for medicine and paracentesis
  • Very fast application
  • With convenient carrying bag (incl. belt loop)


  1. Hold nosepiece firmly against nostril opening – creating a tight seal. Plug the other nostril closed.
  2. Push the button to start the airflow, wait 2-3 seconds and swallow while the device is running.
  3. Repeat on other nostril. After 5 minutes, repeat steps 1-3. This will complete one treatment.
EP-2100Home model1 piece
EP-3000Practice model1 piece with
10 nosepieces
for EP-3000
 50 pieces/box
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