E6500N Sponge counter bags

Designed to facilitate and improve the post-procedural counting of surgical sponges.

  • Assists and organizes the counting process in the OR

  • Easy open pockets for the simple disposal of used sponges

  • Accommodates five Laparotomy sponges or ten 4” (10cm) x 4” (10cm)

  • Can be hung from sponge counter rack which attaches to most I.V. poles

  • The clear polyethylene pockets allow sponges to be viewed for visual estimate of patient blood loss

  • Additional bags can be placed over filled ones as necessary

  • Accurate measurement for assessing absorbed fluid

  • Packaged in convenient dispenser box

  • Excellent visibility for counting sponges

  • Reduces body fluid contact

  • Latex free

Sponge Counter Bag