Scope Warmer

The Scope Warmer significantly reduces scope fogging during laparoscopic procedures, by pre-heating the entire length of the laparoscopes you are able to prevent condensation from occurring at the distal-tip of the optic.

Taking this simple preventive measure will save valuable time and reduce frustration so you can concentrate on the procedure not on cleaning the lens.
The Scope Warmer can also safely accommodate daVinci optics. The Scope warmer gently warms the optic with a dry heat that doesn’t subject the optics to harmful chemicals or detergents that may damage the optics adhesive.

Additionally the Scope Warmer also is a stable protective sheath shielding the optic from inadvertent damage from instrumentation during the procedure and during transport to the sterile processing decontamination room.

Scope Warmers offer a host of features
to ensure ease of use and great results:

  • Sterile package and disposable

  • Easily activated

  • Can be used to warm two endoscopes at a time

  • Scope stays warm for 45 minutes to one hour

  • Easy to use different size scopes.

  • No alcohol

  • No batteries or difficult to activate charcoal-type warmers

  • No need for costly decontamination, sterilization, and additional sterile water for Thermos-type warmers

  • Disposable & environmentally friendly

  • Sterile

  • CE marked

Art No. Term Packaging
74000-E Scope Warmer 10 pieces /box