C-arm drapes

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ProductArt. no.SizeDescritpion
E5912104×163 cm / 41″x64″
E5914104×188 cm / 41″x74″
E5915104×204 cm / 41″x80″
E5917104×356 cm / 41″x140″
E5918107×165 cm / 42″x65″
E5925137×153 cm / 54″x60″
E59302 parts Siemens
E5919224×107 cm / 88″x42″
E590987×148 cm / 34″x58″
E590141×218 cm / 16″x86″With clips
E590741×224 cm / 16″x88″With clips
E5931104×188 cm / 41″x74″With elastic bands and hooks
E5913104×170 cm 41″x67″With elastic bands and hooks
E5924137×216 cm / 54″x85″Mini
E5929267×152 cm / 105″x60″One piece
E5933193×30 cm / 76×12″Tube film
E5932208×30 cm / 82×12″Tube film
E5926137×160 cm / 54″x63″Drape OEC® 6600, mini