C-arm kits

E6005 C-arm kit XIII (13)

Universal kit, 3 parts, covering image intensifier, X-ray tank and „C“, clip application with foot switch cover

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Philips BV25

C-arm kit with:

  • 2 x band bags E5460

  • 1 x clip C-arm drape E5907

  • 1 x foot switch cover E6567

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C-arm kit XIII E6020 C-arm kit with two band bags, clip arm drape and foot switch cover
Product Art. no. Description
e5460 2 x E5460 Band bag with tape, 91×76 cm / 36″x30″
e5907 E5907 C-arm drape with clips, 41×224 cm / 16″x88″
e6567 E6567 foot switch cover with drawstring
and adjuster, 61×46 cm / 24″x18″